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Administration, Finance & Management

Mission Statement: GoTriangle improves our region’s quality of life by connecting people and places with safe, reliable and easy to use travel choices.

Finance Department Mission Statement: Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of other GoTriangle departments and the public in providing accurate, timely and clearly presented information in an attentive and courteous manner. Department employees will be empowered, trained and supported in their efforts to provide continuously improving customer service.

(919) 314-8746

Communications & Public Relations

Mission Statement: Communications and Public Relations is responsible for planning and implementing effective internal and external communications, events, marketing and public involvement that build support for regional transit, its riders and stakeholders.

Simms, Mia

(919) 485-7558

GoTriangle ACCESS Paratransit Operations

GoTriangle Access Dispatch: 919-485-7581
ADA Reservations: 919-485-7468
ADA Fax: 919-485-7471

Romain, Tammy

(919) 485-7464

GoTriangle Transit Operations

Mission Statement: The GoTriangle Transit Operations staff is dedicated to understanding the mobility needs of all our customers and committed to providing high quality public transportation services to the Triangle area community. We make every effort to offer our customers dependable, convenient services, comprehensible transit information, and an assurance that we care. We are devoted to planning and providing transit services that serve the customer to the best of our ability by delivering safe, customer friendly services, reliable and clean buses, and reasonable fares.

Dunston, Bridgette

Transit Operations Maintenance

(919) 485-7578

Nyberg, Judy

(919) 485-7450

Office of General Counsel

Mission Statement: The mission of the Office of the General Counsel is to provide quality legal services to GoTriangle on matters of significance to the Board of Trustees, the General Manager and the staff of the agency. An integral part of our mission is to identify and meet the legal needs of the agency, as well as to provide support and advice where appropriate on major policy and governmental issues. As part of our work, we oversee and manage GoTriangle’s real property interests, handle the negotiation and development of contracts and procurements, and engage in research and representation of the agency’s interests in a variety of areas.

Our staff is dedicated to serving the agency and its mission with integrity, knowledge of the law, and common sense. We will work to provide strong advocacy when needed, to facilitate partnerships, to assist in resolution of conflicts, and to minimize risk in an efficient, friendly and professional manner. Our office utilizes both in-house counsel and legal staff, as well as outside counsel, in fulfilling its mission.

Gootman, Sharon

(919) 485-7474


Planning & Capital Development

Mission Statement: The mission of Planning & Capital Development is to lead in the expansion and improvement of the Triangle area’s transportation network by producing the highest quality facilities and systems for our customers by advancing regional transportation planning. Planning & Capital Development participates in the development and maintenance of the Triangle Regional Travel Model, implementing Regional Public Transit Capital Projects, supporting outreach programs and stakeholder and public involvement, and facilitating transit-oriented land use policies and development in and around station areas.

(919) 314-8746


Regional Partnerships

Mission Statement: Our mission is to develop strong partnerships with local government and transit agencies, towns, and cities to support our mutual interest in improving and providing transit services in the Triangle area. With the leadership of this staff, we focus on providing safe and convenient park-and-ride lots, amenities, and contracted services that customers and partners can be proud of.

Battle, Vanessa

(919) 485-7462