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Employer Services

Who We Are

GoTriangle is more than just bus service. GoTriangle’s Employer Services offers transportation expertise and complimentary assistance to businesses, residential communities and commercial properties to give them a competitive edge and to help improve transportation amenities and commuter benefits. These services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in the Triangle. Our grant-funded services, programs and materials are provided through a partnership of municipalities and public transportation agencies. The services and outcomes are referred to as transportation demand management or TDM. To learn more about free Employer Services, please complete this form.

HR Impacts

tdm program impactsForbes reported on six ways to increase employee retention:

  1. Flexible schedules
  2. Remote access
  3. Furry friends
  4. Easier lives with amenities and perks
  5. Food, food, food
  6. Social events

We’re experts in 1, 2 and 4. We’re happy to show up for 5 and 6 if you let us.

How We Do It

GoTriangle provides companies with the tools, services and guidance to develop commuting options that fit their corporate culture. Assisting employees with their commutes has become an increasingly important requirement for an organization that wants to recruit and retain employees. A robust commuter program clearly helps your employees and your bottom line, but it also can positively affect environmental sustainability and the overall quality of life in the Triangle.

GoTriangle offers extensive planning sessions to help employers address mobility issues. A TDM Mobility Management Professional can:

  • Assist in developing new or updating commuter benefits and TDM plans or train a company’s designated transportation coordinator on TDM topics.
  • Offer mobility management solutions for parking demand.
  • Customize employee and tenant surveys to identify transportation needs.
  • Offer a commuter concierge to meet an individual’s mode preferences and priorities.
  • Provide pre-tax and subsidy tax incentives information to reduce transportation costs.
  • Demonstrate Share the Ride NC options, the Emergency Ride Home program, how to track trips and the free GoPerks Incentive program for commuters.


Why offer surveys?

We offer surveys to identify commuter habits, needs, corporate culture and beliefs, to create a baseline from which to measure progress and to determine what motivates or discourages an employee. We administer two survey types:

  • Baseline: GoTriangle offers a 10-question baseline survey to provide basic information about transportation and commuting habits, preferences and best commuter options available to employees based on their location and proximity to work. Click here for a sample of a baseline employee survey.

Why We Do It

In 2014, drivers spent an average of 34 hours sitting in traffic in Raleigh, buying $734 in unneeded gas. Nearly 20 percent of all commuters in the Triangle cross county lines to get to work. It is important to our air quality and quality of life to make each of those trips smarter. Providing options for managing transportation and commuter demand for employees is a great way for an organization to demonstrate its corporate, social and environmental stewardship.

For more information, contact Kim Johnson, GoTriangle Sustainable Travel Services manager, or 919-485-7477.