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In collaboration with Triangle J Council of Governments, GoTriangle Sustainable Travel Services and the GoTriangle Transportation Demand Management Partners across the region, developer and property management programs and workshops are available for the development community throughout the region.  GoTriangle TDM Partners gather resources for and about the development community to provide a better understanding of the correlation between parking management and TDM options in best preparing for and maximizing tenant mobility to and from your site.  Your local TDM providers can address individual development communities with a toolkit of commuter options and worksite program solutions and amenities that contribute to increasing occupancy rates and tenant attraction when added to the built environment.  By adding TDM options to your site program, your property can also earn LEED Location and Transportation credits.  LEED Transportation credits are based on where the project is located, its connect-ability to public transportation, and on-site amenities that can accommodate alternative transportation modes.

GoTriangle offers a 10-question, baseline survey for employers/tenants, commercial, mixed use, and residential properties to provide basic information about your tenant’s transportation and commuting habits, preferences and best commuter options available to them based on their location and proximity to work.  Information gathered can be instrumental in consideration of and planning for sustainable commute option to suit your site needs.  Please contact the TDM Mobility Management and Outreach Coordinator for your area to find out more.